Friday, September 18, 2009

Pancreatic Cancer - Living From Diagnosis to Death - The Diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter

This article is the diary of a Cancer Patient's Daughter and contains useful information regarding Pancreatic Cancer in regards to the Cancer experience and possible treatments. This is a diagnosis to death commentary with real life experience to assist with the physical and psychological affects of Cancer. In this article you will receive the cold hard truth to prepare you for anything and everything you may have to face regarding a Cancer diagnosis for yourself or a loved one. The 7 "D'" of Cancer are covered which are Diagnosis, Denial, Drugs, Disappointment, Diet, Death and Debt. Learn how to live from diagnosis to death with this intriguing article that offers helpful hints for Cancer patients coupled with real life experiences preparing you for the most difficult life experience to prepare for. Find out how to live longer and happier after a Cancer diagnosis and learn the truth about Pancreatic Cancer. Little known alternative treatments are expounded on, as well as, the issues legality and debt before and after death. Be encouraged, informed and enlightened with this article that conveys life, comfort and truth.
by Deneene A. Collins



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