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A Career with the CDC Global AIDS Program

For a personally fulfilling and professionally rewarding career that makes a difference in peoples' lives, join the CDC Global AIDS Program.Apply Now.

(Botswana (2), Caribbean Regional, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guyana, India, Lesotho, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, and Ukraine)
Epidemiologist, GS-0601-15 (Overseas)Announcement #s: HHS-CDC-T3-2009-0817 Internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0504 External (for non-federal employees)
Medical Officer, GS-0602-15 (Overseas) Announcement #s: HHS-CDC-T3-2009-0816 - Internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0503 - External (for non-federal employees)
Serves as Program Director for all Global AIDS Program (GAP) activities in the country of assignment. Additional duties of the incumbent are to initiate, conduct, and coordinate complex HIV/AIDS medical epidemiologic program activities in the country of assignment concerned with the reduction of HIV transmission. Plans, develops, implements, evaluates and reports on project goals and objectives through the Country Operational Plan (COP). Coordinates all scientific activities and provides leadership, direction and support to the efforts of the staff. Designs and overseas implementation of targeted evaluations of new and ongoing HIV/AIDS prevention, care and/or treatment initiatives. The incumbent is responsible for developing protocols, analyzing study data through statistical methods, disseminating study results through scientific journals, periodic reports and public presentations. Incumbent is responsible for supervising a staff of medical epidemiologists, public health advisors, supervisory medical research technicians, research nurses, social workers, research assistants, and support staff. Incumbent provides leadership, direction and technical expertise to universities, medical institutions, non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Public Health and other participating agencies. Represents GAP, NCHHSTP, CDC, and the US Government at a variety of international forums with key US constituencies. Serves as primary liaison with the Ambassador as representative of the Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) for all PEPFAR issues. (Closes 08/27/2009)
Note: This is a single announcement posting and not part of the open continuous. You must apply to the above numbers by the closing date in order to be considered for the current GAP Country Director vacancies. Non U.S. citizens and Commissioned Corps officers that would like to be considered may email current CV/resume to LaTrice Fowler at Please indicate all countries of interest in your correspondence.
Note: These vacancies are advertised through ongoing, "open, continuous announcements" intended for all CDC programs and positions advertising overseas vacancies. Be sure to indicate the countries and pay grades for which you'd want to apply in your application online.
Epidemiologist, GS-0601-13/14/15 (Overseas)Announcement #s: HHS-CDC-T3-2009-0305 Internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0142 External (for non-federal employees)
Medical Officer, GS-0602-13/14/15 (Direct - Hire) Announcement #s: HHS-CDC-T3-2009-0308 - internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0144 - external (for non-federal employees)
Responsibilities: The Epidemiologist/Medical Officer will represent and work as an integral member of HHS/CDC CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) in the country of assignment. The main duties of the incumbent are to initiate, conduct, and coordinate complex HIV/AIDS program activities in collaboration with U. S. government partners, local government and non-governmental, multinational, and bilateral organizations. This position often provides epidemiological/medical advice and consultation serving as a national and internationally recognized expert in HIV care, treatment, prevention and related programs in support of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
Locations for Medical Officer/Epidemiologist 13/14: Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe.
Health Scientist-Lab, GS-601-13/14 (Overseas)Announcement #sHHS-CDC-T3-2009-0379 Internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0178 External (for non-federal employees)
Responsibilities: The position serves as Senior Laboratory Program Advisor to the CDC Country Director, CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) in the country of assignment. As an expert in clinical and public health laboratory science, the incumbent provides guidance on policy and programs affecting public health and clinical laboratory services provision for HIV/AIDS/STI/TB prevention, surveillance, treatment, and care programs in support of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
Locations: DRC, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi
Public Health Advisor, GS-0685-13/14 (Overseas)Announcement #sHHS-CDC-T3-2009-0310 Internal (for federal employees)HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0140 External (for non-federal employees)
Responsibilities: The incumbent may serve as Administrative Director of Operations (ADO), the principal management and administrative person for all CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) program activities for either the country or remote field station location within the country of assignment. The incumbent acts with full authority in the absence of the Country Director on all matters involving non-scientific program operations and field activities. The incumbent is also responsible for providing program and operational support to the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
Technical Public Health Advisor positions: These have responsibility for the administration, planning implementation and management of one or more comprehensive prevention program elements. The incumbent will develop prevention strategies, identify priorities, plan, and implement disease prevention programs. The position may also supervise and monitor program implementation.
Locations: Cote d’Ivoire, Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, Uganda
For more information on these positions or help with you may contact La'Trice Fowler at
st modified: August 13, 2009Content Source:Global AIDS Program (GAP)National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention



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